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JL110 Ditsy - Full Payment

RM 879.00 RM 89,900.00

This a pre-order item for John Lewis JL110 Ditsy Sewing Machines.

(Slot closed 22 November 2017)

Estimated arrival to Malaysia : Feb/Mac 2017

Price is for pick up only. Poslaju/courier charge will be included at checkout.
Estimated poslaju/courier charge is : RM30 (WM) RM80 (SS)


The JLMini VS JL110

1. If you're looking to learn the basics of a sewing machine and won't be using it for long hours, the JLMini is the right machine for beginners and as a portable second machine

1. Jika anda mencari mesin untuk belejar mengetahui asas-asas mesin jahit dan tidak akan menggunakannya untuk waktu yang lama, JLMini adalah mesin yang tepat untuk yang baru berjinak-jinak dan sebagai mesin kedua mudah alih

2. If you want to use your sewing machine more often, the JL110 is more comfortable for longer hours and can be used on thicker fabrics. It has a more powerful horsepower compared to the smaller JLMini

2. Jika anda ingin menggunakan mesin jahit anda dengan lebih kerap, JL110 lebih selesa untuk waktu panjang dan boleh digunakan pada kain tebal. Ia mempunyai daya tahan yang lebih lasak berbanding JLMini yang lebih kecil

Can I sew clothes on the JL Mini?

Yes you can. You can even sew a baju kurung on it. But only thin to medium weight fabrics like cotton, sateen, voile. No jeans or thick fabrics, please!

Ya, boleh. Anda boleh juga menjahit baju kurung menggunakannya. Tetapi hanya kain nipis ke sederhana seperti kapas, sateen, voile. Tidak digalakkan kain jeans atau kain tebal

Does it come with warranty?

No. We sell the machines as personal shoppers as there's no local warranty. It does come with a UK warranty and we offer after purchase service up to 3 months after the machines arrive in Malaysia.

Tidak. Kami menjual mesin ini sebagai pembeli peribadi dan tidak ada jaminan tempatan. Ia datang dengan jaminan UK dan kami menawarkan 3 bulan perkhidmatan selepas pembelian sejurus mesin tiba di Malaysia.

Where can I buy footer/parts for the JL Machines.

You can use any Janome footers or parts for the JL Machines. Some generic footers can also be used.

Anda boleh menggunakan mana-mana tapak atau bahagian Janome untuk Mesin JL. Beberapa tapak tidak berjenama juga boleh digunakan.

Where can I service my JL Machines?

The JLMini and JL110 are not computerized sewing machines so any sewing machine service shops will be able to service your machines. The machines are similar to Janome models so if they can service a Janome, they'll be able to service a John Lewis!

JLMini dan JL110 bukan mesin jahit berkomputer jadi mana-mana kedai servis mesin jahit akan dapat membaiki mesin anda. Mesin ini sama dengan model Janome jadi jika mereka boleh servis mesin mudah alih Janome, mereka akan dapat servis mesin John Lewis!

How long does it take to reach Malaysia?

Takes 8-10 weeks after pre-order closes but might take longer due to custom checks and distribution process.

Ia akan mengambil masa 8-10 minggu selepas slot pre-order tutup tetapi mungkin akan mengambil masa lebih lama kerana proses pemeriksaan kastam dan pengedaran mesin.

Do you have an installment plan?

As personal shoppers, we can only offer a deposit based installment plan which covers the costs of the machines. You pay the shipping costs and personal shopper fees once the machines arrive in Malaysia. But you're more than welcome to pay in full. Credit card accepted!

Sebagai pembeli peribadi, kami hanya boleh menawarkan pelan ansuran berdasarkan deposit yang meliputi kos mesin. Anda membayar kos penghantaran dan kos pembeli peribadi setelah mesin tiba di Malaysia. Tetapi anda dialu-alukan untuk membayar dengan penuh. Kad kredit diterima!

Product Information

Taken from John Lewis website. Suitable for complete beginners, this retro-inspired machine is ideal for hobby sewing, alterations or for those who regularly mend clothes. It can tackle both light to medium weight fabrics.


The JL110 has 14 stitch options. A twin needle can be used with this machine however it is not supplied with one.

Unique features:

The JL110 features a front loading bobbin and free arm which is great for adjusting cuffs or trousers. It also features an LED light to illuminate your work and an automatic 4-step buttonhole function.

Accessories included:

This machine comes with a dust jacket, foot control darning plate, standard and buttonhole foot, seam ripper, spare bobbins and spare needles.

John Lewis sewing machines are compatible with Janome sewing machine accessories.

Alphabet styles Information
Auto thread tension Information
John Lewis
Buttonhole styles Information
Buttonhole type Information
Country of Origin
H33.5 x W22 x D43.5cm
Electronic foot speed control Information
Embroidery options
Hook movement Information
Integrated drop feed Information
Integrated dual feed Information
Integrated needle threader Information
Knee lifter Information
Lock stitch facility Information
Manufacturer's Guarantee
2 years
Max speed limiter Information
Model name / number
Needle up/down function Information
Reverse button Information
Sewing Machine Type
Sewing speed Information
860 spm
Stitch memory Information
Stitch options Information
Stop/Start button Information
Suitable for fabrics
Light to medium
Suitable for user
Thread cutter Information
Tutorial DVD
Twin needle Information
View-through bobbin cover Information
Weight Information
Width adjustment Information

Fabric Cuts

Guide for our fabric cuts.

Price is for 1/2 (half) yard, except for precuts, custom fabric printing and tools section

If you'd like 1 yard, select '2'

If you'd like 1.5 yards, select '3'

Any similar design in a single order will be cut into 1 piece.

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